Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Blue Cookie TMI

Thursday’s grocery trip was like most others: all three kids wanting to roam the store at their will. My fix for this has always been to let them have a cookie from the bakery counter (or go in the middle if the night by myself).

I will think twice next time.

We’ve never had a problem with a free cookie. It has saved so much frustration trying to shop, after all, that is why they have them. Right?

This cookie was a round sugar cookie, mostly blue with red and white star inside each other. It looked cute and all three kids were excited when I handed one to them.

Never in my wildest imagination would I guess there would be repercussion. Before the day was over, B was not eating much and fussy. Tiny was picky, which is not like her.

By the next day they both had bright blue diarrhea that eventually turned green. Poor B’s bum is bright red. I have been putting DoTerra’a Digestzen on his tummy with every diaper change. It has been gradually getting better.

Thanks to the blue cookie that caused more trouble than it was worth.

Falling Apart

For well over a year I have had pressure in my chest. I generally ten to ignore things so, of course I’d would just ignore it. Then two weeks ago I had sharp stabbing pain that lasted about 30-seconds.

Naturally I called my mom, who naturally freaked out a little due to our family history of heart disease.

I declined to go to the ER but agreed to find a cardiologist and be seen. So, I went in for a check-up and they scheduled an echo. Everything was great.

It has been determined, I have been having anxiety attaches.

Anxiety attaches?

I actually had to look it up. I didn’t understand why I would ever have anxiety. Hahahaha. Luckily a friend was not at all surprised about my anxiety and even helped me understand it all.

Next. I have been running again. Really, I have never finished an eight week session. I’m determined. Then I started noticing my limited movement in one of my hips.

The same hip, I have jammed with my tailbone before as a teen.

After having it checked out (by my amazing sister), it is definitely out of place. It is now time to figure out what to do in order to help loosen and readjust my hip, again.


Boundaries and Borders

I have always had a hard time with saying “no.” Several times as a young single adult, I would drive to Oklahoma just to return phone calls and say:

I’m sorry, but I’m out of state right now and unable to help.

I would drive about an hour north on I35 to Thackerville, Oklahoma. It is just over the boarder. There is a little playground there, I would play and return my hard phone calls.

Last night in counseling we discussed boundaries. We all need to have them set. We shouldn’t feel guilty about setting them and keeping them firm. We are taking care if ourselves with them.

Karen showed me one of the following videos and asked me to look up the second one. I wanted to share them in the hope it would help you as well.