Saying Goodbye

We, as people, say goodbye. We use it so often, yet there are so many reasons. It is hard teaching children “goodbye.”

In Princess’ short four-and-a-half years she has said goodbye to three dogs that have passed away, several friends that have moved, family as they come and go from visits and countless missionaries.

Several months ago we said goodbye to Hermana Vigil. She served 18 months, teaching others of Jesus Christ. As much as we have missed her, I know her family is happy to have her back home.

Princess wearing Hermana Vigil's name tag.

Princess wearing Hermana Vigil’s name tag.

Four weeks ago we said goodbye to Hermana Bass. Our girls are having a hard time understanding why this sweet women in their lives have left.


Hermana Bass reading to all three kiddos.

Many mornings I am asked:

“mommy, when is Hermana Bass coming back to visit us?”

I do not have the words to express my great appreciation for all the individuals who choose to serve missions. You dedicate your life between 18 months to two years, teaching others of Jesus Christ. You leave your family, friends, and often significant others.

You are an example to myself and more importantly, my children.

Each move you make is being watch by little eyes. They watch your strength. They watch you teach. They watch you preach of Christ. They watch you serve. They watch you love.

With all my heart, thank you!

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